Club Vino Week Reservations

Q1 Club Vino Week is June 5th to June 11th

During this time MEMBERS can make a reservation guest/groups of 1-6. Your guests do not need to be club members! This NEW option will help us to provide you with intimate, exceptional service. Your reservation will include a specialty flight (new, old and guest wines), a custom charcuterie box put together for the flight and made by a local Peoria business, Pine and Swine.

Why make a reservation?

1.You can collect your Club Pick Up for Q1 with the company of your choice.

2.Enjoy an intimate tasting with exceptional service and without a crowd.

3.Support two small business at one time! Pine and Swine is local to Peoria and creates beautiful custom Charcuterie boxes. 

4.You can use your pick up discount for any additional bottles, 15% Friends and 25% for Family.

5.You can utilize your Club Vino Complimentary  tasting cards!

6.Fridays & Saturdays get VERY busy and we can secure 

your table and beautiful Charcuterie!

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